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Blockchain is like the new big data or AI – too many people are using it as a buzzword and not focused on solving a real problem. We like to call them Blockchain tourists!” says Brad Garlinghouse.

Bizaka is a business platform, where we accommodate multiple businesses to raise and develop. However, Bizaka is meant for ‘startup’ businesses, particularly for decentralized startups only. Hence, many more blockchain oriented ‘startups’ are initiated and developed independently at Bizaka. In addition, we integrate our own cryptocurrency called ‘Zaka Coin’ with every ‘startup’ so as to enhance the transactions of the businesses. On the other hand , Bizaka provides support to the Project Heads of the startups in order to promote the concept ‘ Multiple Business under One Roof’ (MBOR).

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

‘How do we create new value? You create value by running services on the blockchain’.

Let us look into the myths and ethics of the new technology, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency,the global legal tender before entering into our task, MBOR.  

In the current scenario, Big Data plays a vital role and we could see the data analysts, the data scientists etc, as highly paid professionals. But surprisingly, the paradigm shift takes place in every ecosystem in the name of Blockchain technology. How come it is?  The under given factors and points disclose the necessity to undertake the technological and business transformations.

  • Nowadays, the question is changed to, ‘Is it on the Blockchain?’, earlier it was, ‘Is it in the Database?’.

Discretion : Blockchain technology is the future

  • For the first time, companies could have their own ‘payment processors‘ and in addition, they are free from the costly aspects of traditional financial settlement options.

Discretion : Cryptocurrency sets everybody free

  • The blockchain replaces the third-party mediation and trust with a mathematical proof that something has happened; it’s no big data but a Real Data, ever permanent.

Discretion : Both blockchain and cryptocurrency unitedly to rule the industries.

As a derivation of the above analysis, Bizaka, the business academy and blockchain consortium has come to a decision to launch a project, MBOR, to initiate blockchain projects on one platform.

Zaka Billionaires


The primary steps to MBOR

  • Firstly, Bizaka invites the startup talents to initiate their idea at Bizaka. 
  • Secondly, it invites angel investors that can invest in Zaka Coins. 
  • Thirdly, it recruits blockchain experts and developers so as to structurize the startups.
  • Very importantly, our cryptocurrency Zaka coins is interfaced with every startup.
  • Lastly, it is essential to have independent courier agents to bridge the transaction poles, Peer and Peer.

The inbuilt and back-end processes

Besides, the preset ‘smart contract’ makes an ideal agreement  between the participants, the functionaries and the beneficiaries of the business. Such a smart contract  deals with every aspect of the business, particularly the profit share. 

Eventually, the profit share will be remitted with the concerned DApp wallet. 

Of course,  MBOR automates the role of all the  functionaries and participants by the way of blockchain algorithms.

Summary :

As and when a new technology comes into existence it brings in a lot of business opportunities along with. But it is our duty or diplomacy to accept and capitalize the benefits of it. In the same way, we can find Henry Ford from the Car industry and Bhavish Agharwal of OLA travels. Furthermore, now is the time for Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum Blockchain, Justin Sun of Tron network and Changpeng Zhao of Binance exchange. However, anyone with unique skill and resources can attempt the new venture of decentralized projects under their own brand or others. Meanwhile, Bizaka explores the opportunities of blockchain under MBOR project and too invites one and all to take a part of it.


Author : Deyennae

Founder – Bizaka
 Co-founder –  WebbazarDawnFish & Zaka Coins 

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