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Webbazar- Market of Authentic Products


Globalization along with liberalization has brought us many advantages but also some disadvantages. The people of a particular region are forced to buy their native products at an international price. And the intermediaries make use of this opportunity and sell fake products in the same region. In fact, the real owner of the product gets a very low price and the local customer buys a fake item at an international price.

Here goes a ‘startup’ market venture which markets the real, fresh, authentic and native items of a particular region. The market functions on blockchain technology and hence the market is virtual by nature. But the seller, buyer and the transporter of the product belong to the same region only. The said transaction takes place between ‘peer and peer’ which rejects the third parties and central authority.


Webbazar billionaires

Webbazar is a decentralized P2P e-commerce marketplace that sells only native, fresh and authentic products.

  • The decentralized marketplace  replaces all the third parties.
  • It follows a new technology called Blockchain.
  • It uses anew medium of exchange by Zaka Coins via Metamask wallet.
  • An independent courier agent makes the delivery of the consignment instantly to the buyer from the seller.
  • Overall, Webbazar is a community driven project and the community is called Bizaka.

The products and services of Webbazar

  1. The service is available with only a particular region. The distance of the service is limited to 9 KM from the origin of the product.
  2. A regular vendor or a one time vendor can showcase their own products on Webbazar and initiate the sales.
  3. The products are to be authentic and native of the particular region.
  4. The perfect example for an authentic product is ’fresh sea fish’ of Kanyakumari and that fish are sold by DawnFish,


The Kanyakumari district people are fond of sea fish. Naturally, here we have a big market for sea fish and on the other hand a huge vacuum for authentic fish. In order to fill the gap, DawnFish has emerged as a pilot project of Webbazar.  However, the project begins from Nagercoil and will be soon extended to the whole district of Kanyakumari.

DawnFish Billionaires

Features of DawnFish

Bizaka Billionaires
  • Dawnfish sells only High Quality and Fresh Sea Fish at a fair price
  • Free Door Delivery is made instantly.
  • Customer can make order from home via
  • Fish Rate Card is published on a daily basis and notified via telegram and twitter.
  • Fish Cleaned & Deveined” for free.
  • Special Discount Offers notified when required.
  • Do buy via Zaka Coins to get a rebate @ 10%
Bizaka Billionaires

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Bill Gates

Author : Deyennae

Founder Bizaka
 Co-founder WebbazarDawnFish & Zaka Coins 

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