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 Things to be noted when you buy fish!

Fish is not only a diet or a side dish, but also a nutrient that helps the human body and brain. The macro-nutrients of fish such as protein and fat helps for human growth and metabolism; similarly the micro-nutrients of fish such as vitamins and minerals help to prevent many diseases and cure diseases when that comes.

As such, it is more important to buy fish carefully whether the bought fish contains such protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Often we neglect the above basic properties and deliciousness of fish and buy unworthy and decayed fish. Obviously, a fresh and high-quality fish only can provide such taste and medicinal values to those who buy fish.

How to buy the best fish? And what are the measures to be followed when buying fish?

The way the fish experts suggest that you buy only the freshest catch to ensure high-quality fish. Subsequently, a new question arises, ‘How to find fresh fish?’ and here goes the solution. Do get satisfactory answers for the following questions, when you go to the fish counter.

1. When was it caught?

The fresher is the better option and buying the fish  which is caught afresh is the better option. Fish may remain edible for five days after it is caught, but it may not taste as fresh fish. 

Note :  The freshest fish are the quality ones . The quality means the fish which give delicious taste and provide 100% nutrients of the particular fish.

2. How was it stored and preserved?

The way that the fish is stored, preserved and delivered to the customer will have an impact on the taste as well as the nutrient factors.

Note : Fish should be chilled immediately after catching and should be maintained under cold  state throughout all the stages until delivered to the customer.

3. How does fish look and smell?

If the fish has a bad odor, it doesn’t seem fresh.  Fresh fish has the smell of seawater.

Note : When you buy cleaned fish or cut fish or fish fillets, look and ensure a moist texture with clean cut edges in the cut pieces. And when you buy whole fish, look for clear eyes and firm texture in the fish. 

4. Where did the fish come from?

It is always better to buy local fish from sustainable fishmongers;  and avoid fish which is from a longer distance and imported fish.

Note : We advise that you, Kanyakumari fish eaters, buy the fish of tri-sea waters of Kanyakumari only

What are the measures to be taken at the customer side?

  • Use your fresh fish within two days or put it in the freezer. 
  • Never keep the fish at room temperature as since the fish has a very delicate body and thus get spoiled very fast at room temperature.
  • Even though eating fish can be good for you, not all fish is good for your diet. When fish is  fried it is usually full of saturated fat. It’s usually best to skip fried fish and choose grilled or cooked fish instead.
  • Generally, seafood is a complete food which consists of a good amount of protein and unsaturated fat. Similarly it has  vitamins and minerals as required. However, some fish are high in mercury level, is not good for your health. Hence, buy fish which contains less mercury level.

Author : Deyennae

Founder- Bizaka, Co-founder- DawnFish, Webbazar & Zaka Coins


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