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Business exposures of Zaka Coins

An introduction to Zaka Coins

Zaka is a crypto token launched by Bizaka. It works through a new technology called Blockchain. In this age where many digital and cryptocurrencies have been introduced since Bitcoin, the Bizaka uses Zaka Coins to facilitate business transactions. Currently, Bizaka is about to launch this token among the start-up companies it is working on.

Benefits of Zaka Coins

Although there are countless benefits of Zaka coins, only a few are given below;

  1. Bizaka’s business transactions are thereby simplified.
  2. Every transaction is instantly recorded in an immutable way.

3. This currency also acts as an asset.

4. Disruptions like black money/counterfeiting are not possible in these exchanges.

Where are Zaka coins used at present?

1. Webbazar

It is a “Multi Vendor-Multi Product” trading platform. Through this, sellers and product manufacturers can sell their products directly to the people of their respective areas at reasonable prices. So customers can buy and use the products that are specific to their region at a reasonable price at home. Webbazar’s “Delivery Agents” receive products directly from the manufacturer and deliver them to customers immediately. This online trading platform sells products like ‘Fish and Meat‘, ‘ Fruits and Vegetables‘, ‘Groceries‘, ‘Pharmaceuticals‘ and ‘Food‘, which are required by people on a daily basis.

2. DawnFish

DawnFish cleans, cuts and delivers high-quality fish with nutritional and medicinal properties to customers’ doorsteps on time. It currently operates from Nagercoil city. Bizaka is taking necessary steps to spread this throughout the district of Kanyakumari.

What are the Coins of other businesses operating in India?

 Tata Neu of Tata,  Super Coins of Flipkart, Rapido coins of Rapido Bike Taxi and Freshcash of FreshToHome are a few examples.

How does Zaka function?

  • Zaka is integrated into the Webbazar App. So this currency comes into use when trading on Webbazar.
  • When customers buy fish through the DawnFish App, airdrops are made in their wallets.
  • As gifts and freebies are provided for the business done on the above two apps, the business is likely to be high
  • Zaka’s value rises when the demand for the Zaka exceeds its circulation.
  • This hike in demand of Zaka benefits the Zaka holders and  those who bought Zaka as an asset.
A step-by-step demonstration of Zaka Coins in DawnFish
  1. Install DawnFish App.
  2. Also install ‘Trust Wallet‘ or ‘Meta Mask‘ Wallet.
  3. Order your daily fish needs with DawnFish App.
  4. Get 10% of your fish purchases as Zaka Coins reward airdrop to your wallet.
  5. You can continue to discount the above coins collected when you buy fish.

6. Or you can continue to collect these gift coins and secure them as a virtual asset. After its value increases to the expected amount you can sell it on exchanges like ‘Binance‘, ‘Wazirx‘ etc.

7. Similarly, the ‘Webbazar app’ will be implemented and sellers/customers can fully use the said coins while trading products of their respective region.


The advent of technologies like Web-3 / Block Chain introduces transaction currencies like Zaka to the world. Every industry is in the early stages of issuing their respective coins. This organization, Bizaka, has also introduced Zaka, a currency for the exchange of their own startup businesses. This coin can currently be bought at a low price as it is in its infancy. As start-up businesses like Bizaka’s Webbazar and DawnFish grow, the value of this coin will also rise exponentially. So it is inevitable that those who own this virtual asset can reap huge profits from it.

Author : Deyennae

Founder- Bizaka, Co-founder- DawnFish, Webbazar & Zaka Coins

For Contact :

Mob: 9489514829 WhatsApp: 9489415067

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