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We at Bizaka, initiate various decentralized startup projects. As many experts, professionals and businessmen unite at Bizaka to initiate as many commercial startups. Firstly, we have made a token called Zaka Coins, and under which we plan to execute all the startups.

Our Projects


Globalization along with liberalization has brought us many advantages but also some disadvantages. The local people are forced to buy their native and local products at an international price. And the intermediaries make use of this opportunity and sell fake and substandard products to even local people. In fact, the producer gets a very lower price and the local customer buys a fake at international price.

  Here at Webbazar, the local products are available to local people at the right price. This is a ‘Door to Door’ transaction between the producer and consumer through a local freelance courier agent. Here, the  Webbazar bridges the seller, buyer and the transporter. That’s all. In brief, Webbazar functions as a local marketplace for local people, but shall be extended worldwide. In a nutshell,  Webbazar is a ‘Global Expansion of Local Trades


The Kanyakumari district people are fond of sea fishes. Naturally, here we have a big market for sea fishes and on the other hand a huge vacuum for authentic fishes. In order to fill the gap, DawnFish has emerged as a pilot project of Webbazar. However, the project begins from Nagercoil and will be soon extended to the whole district

DawnFish Billionaires

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