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All about us is only ‘to explore the upcoming technology called blockchain and adopt it for our “decentralized startup business ventures”. Meanwhile, we learned that the cryptocurrency is the base for blockchain and both are inseparable. Hence, Bizaka plans to convert every existing business into a blockchain oriented business through a cryptocurrency, called Zaka Coin.

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation”

Dean Kamen

The world has reached a place where the ‘centralized system’ comes to an end. At the same time the way is opened for the ‘decentralized system‘ in every sector. The new technology, blockchain, overcomes every limitation of current technologies. Consequently it has solved the problems which the internet and other technologies could not. Anyway, those who have realized the said facts are on the verge of initiating ‘Decentralized Startups’. Of course, Bizaka is one among them and it welcomes you too to join the Global Blockchain Ecosystem.

Do You need Bizaka?

  • Do yo want to initiate a ‘Startup Business’?
  • Want you to be a part of a startup?
  • Want you to be a part of every startup?
  • Do you want to become a Founding Member or a Crypto Angel of Bizaka?

History of Business Transformation

The businesses get updated as and when a new technology is invented. In the same way, we experienced a mass business conversion, just 30 years ago when the internet was entering. As a result of internet, we were facilitated with Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Big Basket, PayTM, Tamil Matrimony, Byju, OLA, OYO, Swiggy, Zomoto etc. In fact, they are ‘Centralized businesses’, but they are successful till now.

At present, ‘Decentralized business’ starts its era by using the new technology called blockchain. Meanwhile, Bizaka has a unique idea to conquer the industry and that is, Multiple Businesses under One Roof’ ( MBOR ) strategy.

Bizaka into Blockchain

For the above reasons and realities Bizaka explores blockchain based ‘startup businesses’. Obviously, blockchain functions only when a cryptocurrency or a token is integrated with it. Hence, we launched a cryptocurrency called Zaka Coin in May 2022 for these purposes. Furthermore, we plan to integrate Zaka Coins with our proposed blockchain projects.

Initial requirements

Firstly, we need to fulfill the capital need of the startup projects by selling as many as Zaka Coins

Secondly, we need software developers and blockchain developers to formulate the structure of the projects

And also we need young talents who have innovative projects and also with the skill to execute the projects

But most importantly, we need more Founding Members and Crypto Angels for the uninterrupted cash flow

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