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Zaka Billionaires

Almost every business in the world transforms into a startup once every 30-40 years. The only reason why every business of every industry changes instantly is because of newly introduced technology. Certainly, the said startups do come up with huge benefits to people and the founders as well. Following the same way, the team of Bizaka decides to harvest the benefits out of the current technology called Blockchain.


The evolution of technology

Obviously, the world is always ruled by technology. The first billionaire of the world Mr Henry Ford used machines. He is followed by Bill Gates using computers and Jef Bezos was using internet technology.

As expected, the advent of blockchain technology is driving a massive business transformation. Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, Justin Sun of Tron and Changpeng Zhao of Binance stay not only as pioneers of such technology but also become future billionaires of the world.

Bizaka into Blockchain Business Ecosystem

Zaka Billionaires

At Bizaka, we have been undergoing various experiments to establish a new blockchain based business ecosystem. Resulting the experiments we have developed five key areas to enable a new startup business ecosystem.

  • Establishing a decentralized P2P marketplace
  • Identifying the ‘startups’ merchants
  • Establishing a decentralized courier service
  • Making a digital mode of value transaction
  • Arrangements of angel funding for the entrepreneurs

Webbazar is a decentralized P2P  e-commerce portal that we developed based on our research.

DawnFish is a ‘Startup Fish Mart’ sells authentic and fresh fishes on Webbazar. 

Elkartz is a decentralized delivery firm for the products sold on Webbazar.

The currency used for the transaction is Zaka Coins, our own token. 

A Crypto-Angel Investment firm called Finanza is to finance the decentralized projects of Bizaka and the ‘Startup entrepreneurs’ of Webbazar.


 Webbazar is a decentralized P2P Online marketplace. A vendor with any authentic or native or fresh product can directly sell his products through this platform. In the same way, every customer can buy their required products directly from the producer/vendor via this platform.

Webbazar billionaires

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