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Zaka Billionaires
Bizaka Blockchain Community
Zaka Billionaires

An American football team has 11 players. Even so, the “12th man” refers to the team’s supporters, suggesting that the fans have a role in encouraging or motivating their team to win. Similarly, the Community Members of a blockchain project don’t merely support the team but have a spot on the team.

Obviously, the best aspect of crypto communities is that most have low or nil barriers of entry. Because of blockchain technology, these projects have become like startups that can crowdsource funding.  Particularly, this new system is what makes it possible for projects to reach their full potential.

Zaka Billionaires

Zaka’s Community Members

Zaka icon Billionaire

In the mean time, Zaka Coin, by its ‘multi-functional capability’ gathered a few co-founders very quickly. In addition, it has started developing its own community from 1st May 2022. Besides,, we have listed the community members here….

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