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Let’s take a look at Bitcoin first. Its market capitalization is USD 600 Billion (1000 billion USD in April 2022). Its transactions are 4.6 per second. But it’s not a bank, it’s more than that. Nevertheless, it has no buildings, no employees, and no employer. But it is error free and its accuracy is 100%. How is this possible? The cause ia one word, DeFi, decentralized finance and it works under the technology of blockchain.. Its founder, Satoshi Nagamoto.

Zaka Billionaires
“The government wants to fool its people by doubling the wage but simultaneously printing more money into circulation. That’s why Bitcoin and other decentralized applications powered by blockchain looks to be our hope of creating a better future.”
Zaka Billionaires
Olawale Daniel
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Finanza is a DeFi system created by Bizaka. Its transaction tool is a cryptocurrency called Zaka Coin. Even though Finanza is not 100% decentralized at present, the work is progressing rapidly. However, since June 20022 business loans to Women Self Help Groups have been provided through Mithra Loans.

Likewise, Finanza supports the entrepreneurs who initiate any authentic or native product trading at Webbazar online portal by all means.

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