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Founding Members

A Founding Members are those who had joined the company well before the initial funding was raised.

You joined after the money was raised, so you’re not a founder, but…
Being part of the founding team, and the first architect, is still pretty cool.

You’re the first employee the company hired. You will make a tremendous contribution to the company’s success.

You will influence everything the company does. Your imprint will be everywhere from engineering, to sales, to the company culture


Founder Members of Bizaka
Zaka icon Billionaire
  • The minimum purchase of Zaka is 2,00,000 coins for a founding member.
  • The coins are in lock-in for a year or until they join a project.
  • The founding member gets a dividend @ 24 + % pa for the lock-in period.
  • The coins are reserved to join a project or to own a project or both.
  • The founding member admission period is between 1st July and 30th September 2022.
  • If unwilling to opt for a startup, the sale of coins is allowed only after one year.
  • Only the founding members and the crypto angels can join with Bizaka’s startup projects
What is in it for a Founding Member?
Zaka Billionaires
  • The founding members are privileged to become co-founders of Bizaka when they join a project as a owner
  • The founding members can acquire the coins directly from Bizaka at a discount rate, but while ICO
  • Bizaka gives priority to the founding members to enjoy more project ownership.
  • They can earn from the coins that they hold and from the projects that they own.
  • In brief, the founding member is the one who enjoys the basic rights and privileges of Bizaka
List of Founding Members

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