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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear Users,

Zaka wallet will collect and use your Personal Information, generated from your use of Zaka wallet following this Privacy Policy.

Zaka recommends that you shall carefully read and understand the whole contents of this Policy before your use of the wallet. Additionally, significant information including the Disclaimer is in the bold form in this Policy. Definitions of keywords in this Policy are consistent with those in the Zaka Wallet Term of Use of the wallet.

Zaka reserves the right to update this Policy online from time to time, and the new policy will immediately replace the previous one once posted. In particular, if you do not accept the revised policies, you may stop your use of the wallet. Your continuous use of Zaka Wallet will be considered as your acceptance of the new policy. Furthermore, the revised policies will take into effect immediately upon being posted on the wallet.

You acknowledge and accept that this Policy and other relevant rules apply to Zaka Wallet.

Information We Collect

We collect your information to provide the services you requested on Zaka, and we highly value the protection of your privacy. We strictly abide by the principle of “lawful, justifiable, and necessary” during our collection of your information. 

We may collect your Personal Information, including but not limited to your device information, operation records, transaction records, and wallet addresses.

  1. To satisfy your needs for specific services, we may collect your name, bank card number, telephone number (Mobile phone number registration method), email address (Email registration method), etc.
  2. Apart from the foregoing provisions, when you are using a specific function of Zaka Wallet, we may give you a special notification to ask for more Personal Information.
  3. To the extent permitted by laws and regulations, Zaka may collect and use the following Personal Information without your prior consent or authorization:

b. information related to public security, public health, significant public interests;

c. information related to the criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and enforcement;

d. the Personal Information collected is publicized by yourself;

e. the Personal Information is collected from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure, and other channels;

f. the Personal Information is necessary to maintain the security and compliance of services, such as to detect or to solve the malfunction of products and services;

g. other circumstances prescribed by laws and regulations. We collect information in the following ways:

     1). Information you give us. For example, you fill in your name, telephone number, or bank card number in the “My Account” column or you provide your email address when submitting feedback, or you give extra information to us when you use our specific services.

     2) We collect information during your use of the wallet including your device’s information and your operation records on Zaka.

h.Transaction information, such details about purchases you make through the Service and billing details;

i.Usage information, such as information about how you use the Service and interact with us;

j.Marketing information, such as your preferences for receiving marketing communications and details about how you engage with them;

How We Use Your Information

2.1 We may associate you with your wallet by the unique serial number of your device.

2.2 We may promptly push important notifications to you, such as software updates, updates of Terms of Use, and this Policy.

2.3 We deal with your feedback by using the Wallet Address and the device information provided by you.

2.4 We may collect your Personal Information to conduct our internal audit, data analysis, and research, etc. to enhance our services.

2.5 According to the Zaka Wallet Term of Use and other rules of Zaka wallet, Zaka will manage and handle the use behaviors of Users through Users’ information.

2.6 We may use your information following laws, regulations and cooperate with regulatory authorities.

How You Control Your Information

You are entitled to control your Personal Information provided to Zaka Wallet:

3.1 Zaka wallet will display the information of imported wallets to you. You may add or delete Coins, transfer and collect Coins using the “Assets” column.

3.2 When we collect information from you for a specific purpose, we will ask for your consent in advance to which you are entitled to refuse. However, you understand that when you refuse to give such consent, you also give up the choice to use specific services provided by Zaka.

3.5 You acknowledge that since blockchain is an open-source system, your transaction records are automatically public and transparent in the whole blockchain.

3.6 You are entitled to ask us to update, revise, and delete your relevant information.

3.8 We reserve the right to collect your information without your prior authorization or consent according to Article 7 of Section 1 of this Policy.

Information We may Share or Transfer

4.1 The Personal Information collected by Zaka Wallet for business and legal purposes

4.2 Personal Information will not be sold, traded, or transferred to third parties without your consent.

4.3 Personal Information may be disclosed to these entities if you agree to our disclosure of the personal information to strategic partners or related parties. These entities will only use your personal information for the purposes you have agreed to.

4.4 You agree that we may disclose or share your personal information to the following third parties:

      a. Service providers and data processors who represent us and provide services to us, such as KYC inspections, accounting, data processing or management services, website hosting, maintenance and operation services, mail information services, analysis services, and payment transaction processing, marketing, etc.;

      b. Zaka consultants and professional consultants (such as accountants, lawyers, auditors).

4.5 Zaka Wallet will not share with or transfer your Personal Information to any third party without your prior consent, except for the following circumstances:

      a. The collected Personal Information is publicized by yourself;

      b. the Personal Information is collected from public information which was legally disclosed, such as news (lawfully reported), government information disclosure, and other channels;

      c. We may share your Personal Information with our affiliates only when necessary and to the extent permitted by this Policy;

      d. To abide by applicable laws, regulations, legal procedures, and administrative or judicial authorities, Zaka  will provide or implement this Policy to protect our or other parties’ rights, assets, or security;

      e. In the case of mergers and acquisitions, if a transfer of Personal Information is involved, Zaka may require the receivers of Personal Information to be continuously bound by this Policy.

How We Collect Data Automatically

5.1 We use automatic data collection technology in the application. E.g:

      a. cookies (or browser cookies). Cookies are small text files set by the operator of a website or application to identify your browser or device. We may use cookies on our apps to store and track information, such as the number and frequency of use of users, user distribution, and users’ online preferences. Cookies do not capture information that can identify you, but the information they collect can help us analyze the usage of the application to improve your experience. You can turn off cookies in your browser settings. However, this may affect the functionality of the application.

      b. Network analysis. Web analytics is a method of collecting and evaluating the operation of visitors to web pages and applications. This includes analyzing traffic patterns, such as determining the frequency of visits to certain functions of a website or application or understanding the information or services that visitors are most interested in. We use network analysis services provided by third-party tools.

How We Protect Your Information

6.1 If Zaka Wallet  terminates operation, Zaka will stop the collection of your Personal Information in time, post the announcement on Zaka and delete or anonymize your Personal Information held by us within a reasonable period


6.2 To protect your Personal Information, Zaka may adopt data security techniques, improve internal compliance levels, provide security training for our staff, and set security authority for access to relevant data to protect your Personal Information.

Protection for the Minors

The following special provisions apply to minors who are under the age of 18 years old:

7.1 The minors shall not use Zaka without guidance from their parents or guardians.

7.2 The parents and guardians of the minors shall guide the minors on using TokenPocket after they read this Policy, Zaka Wallets’ Term of Use, and other relevant rules.

7.3 Zaka will ensure the confidentiality and security of the minors’ Personal Information in accordance with national laws and regulations.


8.1 After you link to the third-party-developed DApps from Zaka, the privacy policies of the third-party-developed DApps will apply. The collection and use of your Personal Information by the third-party-developed DApps will be controlled neither by Zaka, nor by this Policy.

8.2 You shall carefully select and use the third-party-developed DApps and protect your Personal Information. Zaka shall not be held liable for the privacy protection obligation of any third-party-developed DApps.

8.3 You acknowledge and accept that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Zaka will adopt measures as reasonable as possible to protect your Personal Information under current techniques on an “as is”, “as available” and “with all faults” basis, to avoid the disclosure, tampering or damage of information. Since Zaka transfers data wirelessly, Zaka makes no guarantee on the privacy and security of wireless internet data transferring.


9.1 As a company that provides services to you, we will not actively provide your Personal Information to third parties other than the agreement, unless we obtain your consent and inform the other party’s identity, contact information, the processing purpose, processing method, etc. If there is a service demand of processing your personal sensitive information in the future, we will ask your opinions once again, and use them after obtaining your consent.

9.2 During your use of Zaka wallet services, if you come across any problems related to your Personal Information use, you may contact us through the submission of your feedback on Zaka.

9.3. We encourage you to check the Term of Use and Privacy Policy of Zaka wallet each time you log into Zaka wallet

This Policy shall become effective on 1 May, 2022.

As for any issues not covered in this Policy, you shall comply with the announcements and relevant rules as updated by Zaka wallet from time to time.

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