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A business reign with its own currency


Webbazar, for native products

DawnFish, for quality fish

Zaka Coins, for transaction

Who Are We?

Bizaka is a Business Academy and Blockchain Consortium. It is on the verge of  promoting various blockchain business startups integrating  with its token called Zaka Coins.

Webbazar is our online marketplace and  high quality sea fish mart called DawnFish is the  prime vendor of Webbazar.

Our current projects

Webbazar : The decentralized e-commerce portal for trading authentic and native products.

DawnFish : Our pilot project of selling ‘high quality fresh sea fish‘ online.

Zaka Coins : Our own token, integrated with Webbazar & DawnFish.

Our Vision 

  • To sell high quality sea fish to the whole Kanyakumari district, then the whole states of Tamil Nadu & Kerala.
  • To transform DawnFish into a  community driven project.
  • To establish Webbazar as a  100 %decentralized marketplace, where authentic and native products of every region are traded.

Our Mission

  • To establish various divisions of DawnFish, such as fish procurement, preservation, delivery etc, so as to sell high quality sea fish.
  • To sell Zaka coins in order to mobilize required funds for the expansion the units of DawnFish at various places.
  • To integrate Zaka Coins into various business startups like Webbazar , DawnFish etc, and promote its transactions.
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