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This is the age of Web-3 and Blockchain technology, where most of the centralized systems transform into decentralized systems. Therefore, in order to enter first and harvest the best, every industry and every sector starts adopting these new technologies. In the beginning, the financial and banking sectors adopted decentralization and that is called ‘decentralized finance’ (DeFi). However, the field of ‘Supply Chain’ of products has to be given first priority and taken into limelight at the earliest.

Apparently, the courier services are to be considered with first priority to satisfy the delivery system of the products. Therefore, the market welcomes a technically updated courier service from its own locality. As a result, a decentralized courier service was invented by Bizaka, which is ‘ELKART”

Web-2 and Supply chain

Let us rewind and analyze the history of the marketing system and how the bought products reached the delivery destination. Initially it was the responsibility of the buyer to carry it to the destination. On the contrary, on Web-2 or online marketing, the buyers receive their bought products at their doorstep through a courier system. At the same time, we are facing some  difficulties as a buyer or seller.  In contrast, in blockchain technology, the bought product reaches the end user’s doorstep directly from the origin of the product.

The concept behind Decentralized Courier Services’

The decentralized courier agent is an independent agent and he is not belonging to or a part of a courier company. Generally, he picks up a delivery order from an unknown but reliable source. Afterward,  he collects the product from “A”, the seller and delivers it to “B”, the buyer. In this case, both the points, the ‘pickup points’ and the ‘drop points’ are closer to the courier agent. For the most part, it is like an ‘OLA’ driver getting a passenger from where he is. However, such a ‘courier project’  is possible only on the  decentralized projects.

To begin with,  the DApp wallets of the participants, the sellers, the buyers and the courier agents, are to be integrated with the sales project by a pre-written smart contract. Hence, the price and courier charges are being automatically credited with the wallet of the respective sellers and courier agents from the wallet of the buyers automatically. In short, the third parties, such as  ‘banking’ etc,  are neglected or forbidden here.

The steps of Decentralized Courier Services’

  • The freelance courier agent is to install the “DApp” from the App store.
  • The buyer makes a purchase order from our decentralized market.
  • The seller accepts the order and keeps it available for  delivery.
  • The courier agent picks the consignment from the ‘seller’ and delivers it to the buyer.
  • The DApp wallets of the seller, courier agent etc receive their payment instantly.

Cryptocurrency : an inevitable tool of blockchain

Here we reveal a transaction tool, called cryptocurrency, that plays a vital role in blockchain’s ‘value transaction’. Indeed, the cryptocurrency is an essential weapon to eradicate the third party intervention, such as banking, and to complete the business transactions. For instance, the crypto-token of Bizaka, Zaka Coins are used at Aarkart decentralized courier system for its every ‘P2P’ transaction. At the same time, it functions faster and cheaper when compared with Web-2 technology’s value transaction methods.


Above all, the decentralized courier services make the delivery of the consignments faster and cheaper without a flaw. Furthermore, every seller and the buyer can make use of this courier system and neglect the market, the central body. Let’s get ready to welcome the new technology, Blockchain and decentralization and enjoy a 100% democracy in every field including bureaucracy.

“Everything will be tokenized, blockchain will become fundamental building blocks of value exchange.”― Gun Gun Febrianza

The Author,
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Deyennae, Founder, Bizaka: Co-founder, Zaka Coin