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A Startup business from Cape

Key Takeaways

Sea Fish is the main side dish for every meal of Kanyakumari people.

Getting Fresh Sea Fish is an everyday challenge of Kanyakumari people.

An Online Fish Mart Called DawnFish has come out with a solution.


Kumari district is a peninsula geographically. It is the only district in India to be surrounded by huge seas on three sides. Therefore the district is rich in fisheries. It is the only district rich in a variety of tasty fish. Also these fish have heavy demands abroad.

Fond of seafood

Naturally, people here are non-vegetarian seven days a week, with at least two servings of fish on six days, Monday to Saturday. The fish market of this district is very big and the demand for fish is sustainable.

Keeping this gap in mind, fish from outside districts and states are also sold here. Besides, fish caught in the sea for many days are also sold here. They are not as tasty and sometimes go bad. Eventually,  fresh fish is now scarce and a vacuum has formed. DawnFish, the prominent vendor of Webbazar has stepped in to fill this gap.

Innovative Operation

DawnFish believes that if all products can be bought/sold online then so can fish too and that the fish market can be operated in a hygienic, clean and transparent manner. In order to initiate an affordable online/offline sea fish market DawnFish has integrated the following departments. They are,

  1. Fish Procurement Department.
  2. Department of Conveyance
  3. Department of Preservation
  4. Cutting & Packing Department
  5. Delivery Department.
  6. Wallet / Payment Department.
  7. Marketing & Promotion department
  8. Department of technology
  9. Customer Care

How is it a Startup?

I. The environment

The name Fish Market itself is synonymous with a dirty environment. We are to make it a high profile shopping sensation and experience as far as offline sale is concerned.

II. Online Shopping

Web-II technology has made us do our every shopping online. And the consignment is being delivered at our doorstep as well. Even groceries are sold online and door delivered. Then, why isn’t the fish which is needed everyday not sold online and delivered at door steps? Hence, we plan to supply fresh sea fish to every house of Kanyakumari districts. For sure, the fish order is delivered in a ‘ready to cook’ manner.

III. Fresh fish only

Fish is a highly perishable products and very challenging to preserve and supply afresh. The fish eaters from every part of the contry, particularly the people of kanyakumari have compromised with the outdated fish. We, at Dawnfish procure fresh fish and supply as fresh, initially for Cape people.

IV. Payment via wallet

The emerging Web-III technology is used to buy fish via our App Webbazar. Hence, Zaka Coins, an innovative digital currency is used to pay the bill. Zaka Coins is an inevitable and integral part of the upcoming web-3 technology. In order to promote the Zaka Coins, DawnFish offers coins in terms of Airdrop for those who buy fish as a bonus. The Metamask DApp Wallet is used for the uninterrupted, flawless and instant mode of payments with utmost accountability.

The summary

Listed below are the key objects of DawnFish, the pilot project of Webbazar. They are,

  • Sells fresh sea fishes
  • Free door delivery
  • Door delivery as ‘Ready to cook’ manner
  • Online sale is primary
  • Counter sale available
  • Franchise  method is adopted
  • The project started at Nagercoil and  sooner which will be extended

Author: Deyennae

Founder Bizaka, Co-founder Webbazar, Elkartz, DawnFish, Finanza and Zaka Coins