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We were traveling on highways to reach cities, malls and markets and spending time as well. Now the era has changed. The superhighways have made the global cities, malls and markets pass through the public. The Internet is the superhighway which has made the public to be static at home. Yes, of course the shopping, entertainment, business and studies have been stepped into our houses. Truely, such novel experiences have made our ‘shopping’ and etc fast and simple and also helped to save our money and time.

Amazon. Alibaba. Swiggy, Zomato. OLA, OYO, PayTm, Gpay, Tamil matrimony, Bankbazaar, Redbus, Bigbasket are the pioneers in Web-2 technology. But at present Web-3 and blockchain technologies have emerged and started their reign. And we are glad to inform you that webbazar’s meta-market is a pioneer startup in the web-3 era.

Metamarket @ webbazar

Metamarket @ webbazar is yet another online market of consumer products such as Amazon, Swiggy, BigBasket etc. But the major differences are the technology used for the project and the region where the startup functions. Surprisingly the emerging technology,  Web-3 is used for the project. Also the activists such as customers, vendors and delivery agents are from the local area only.


Webbazar is a multi-vendor multi-product P2P marketplace, but virtual in nature. However the three key activists that function as an integral part of the project are real and viable. They are the Product Vendors, the Delivery Agents and the Customers.

  • Webbazar receives product orders from the local customers via an App@webbazar.
  • Instantly the viable regional vendor makes the order ready for delivery.
  • Immediately, one of the nearer delivery agents ‘picks’ the order from the vendor and ‘delivers’ it to the particular customer.

As such the team of webbazar has initiated its task to make its own customer base in every region. Similarly we have started adding the local vendors to showcase their products at webbazar. On the other hand, the delivery agents are invited to get enrolled as well.

Key Tasks

Tasks to be completed

  • Regional Vendors of fresh meat, fish, food and medicines are to be enrolled.
  • Delivery agents to be recruited locally.
  • Customer segment to be enlarged subsequently.

Task completed

  • Our technical team maintains, and the app @ webbazar. Zaka Coins are managed by our technical team.
  • DawnFish from Nagercoil is the first vendor of webbazar. DawnFish is selling fresh sea fishes to the esteemed customers of Nagercoil city at present.

Webbazar’s Business Model Canvas

Here goes the ‘Business Model Canvas’ of webbazar project. Obviously it explains all the nine components of BMS. Certainly which satisfies the key participants, vendors, customers and delivery agents.

I. Value Propositions

  • Convenient to the customers: Make ‘product order’ from home, Get the ‘order’ at home, Product supplied in a “ready to use” manner. 
  • Local fresh items : Authentic and fresh products of the particular region are sold at webbazar. For example, fish, meat, food etc.
  • Value for the price : P2P trading is encouraged at local level, which reduces manpower and  warehouse expenses. Also it saves the money and time of every customer.

II. Customer Relationship

  • Automated system : 100% automated and decentralized system is used at webbazar. The distributed ledger technology of blockchain ensures the transparency of every transaction.
  • Self service : Vendors, Customers and Delivery agents can act independently using the preset system.

III. Distribution Channel

  • App @webbazar runs the whole show. 
  • Affiliates are encouraged to promote the  customer base.

IV. Customer Segment

  • Global stretch : Webbazars concept is ‘Global expansion of local trade’. Webbazar enhances the regional vendor’s business by using webbazar’s own local customer base.
  • Elite group : The only choice of customers seeking authentic and fresh products from their own region is webbazar.

V. Key Partners

  • Vendors : The sellers of fresh and day today consumer products of every region are a key partner of webbazar.    
  • Delivery agents : Any freelancer from any region can join as delivery agents and start his career with webbazar.  
  • Community members : Those who buy bulk Zaka coins  are the community members. The community members act as the catalyst for the operation of the project so as to meet every expense.

VI. Key Activities

  •  Merchandising : Working for the vendor satisfaction and the customer satisfaction are primary activities.
  • Add on : Adding more and more vendors, increasing the customer base and introduction of new regions are the continuous process.
  • New way of transaction : By way of DApp wallet is to be educated to the customer segments to do every purchase. Hence Zaka Coins of webbazar is coming into existence.

VII. Key Resources

  • Zaka Coins: Community members who buy Zaka Coins bulk in quantity are the vital resource of webbazar. Their Zaka Coin staking is compensated with the price hike of Zaka Coins. Obviously the hike in transactions assure the price hike of Zaka, which in turn gives a huge return to the community members.
  • Coin offers and discounts : The staking fund is utilized to lend offers, bonus and discounts to the customers,vendors, delivery agents and affiliates.

VIII. Cost Structure

  • Digital infrastructure : Basic infrastructure was done digitally, but through web-3., and webbazar app are made to ensure smooth transaction and running the startup. 
  • Nil own logistics and warehouses  
  • Nil inventories, staff payment and overhead expenses


IX. Revenue streams

  •  Sales commission from vendors
  •  Advertisement income
  •  New product promotion



Bizaka is a business academy and blockchain consortium which undertakes the process of initiating web-3 startups under one roof of Zaka.  Fortunately the pioneer project, namely webbazar, lends opportunities to the new and existing vendors and independent courier agents of each and every region.

 Each and everybody can join as a community member of Zaka Coins and grow their own wealth along with the growth of Bizaka projects.

 Lastly, anyone can enroll as a customer of webbazar and enjoy fresh and authentic products. At the same time, they can earn reward tokens (Zaka Coins) also  for each and every purchase from the webbazar.

Author :Deyennae

Founder Bizaka, Co-founder Webbazar, Elkartz, DawnFish, Finanza and Zaka Coins