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DawnFish - A Business Regime by Zaka Coins

“You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.”

– Zig Ziglar


We don’t claim DawnFish as a startup venture but plans to establish it as an improvised pattern of fish sale. For instance, we focus on the` quality of the fish we sell firstly; secondly,  we pay higher preference to the environments where we handle fish;  thirdly,  we concentrate on satisfying the every expectation of our elite customer base. 

In addition, we differ from others in mode of payment, that’s Zaka payment. Zaka is DawnFish’s own token/ cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology would be the foundation for every company in the future and DawnFish is far front in the wave-4 industrial revolution

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Fish and Kanyakumari

The people of Kanyakumari eat fish Monday to Saturday and on Sunday they eat meat. Yes, of course Kanyakumarians are almost non vegetarian or fish eaters for the whole week. Hence it is very clear that Kanyakumari is a prime market for fish. However the selling pattern, strategy and environment remains the same as earlier. But, DawnFish likes to introduce a higher profile in every stage and step for sea fish sale.

Observations and remedies



  1. Dirty, noisy and other polluted places are still referred to as fish markets.  Truely, even today the fish market ambiances are sustained the same as earlier.
  2. Fresh and quality fish contain all the nutrient and medicinal values; however the customers get such a fish very rarely due to various reasons. 
  3. It is very difficult for the customers to clean, devein and cut the fish to the shape for cooking, nowadays.
Common fish market's current status
Our dream fish counter



DawnFish procure only fresh and high quality fish directly from every fishing harbors of Kanyakumari district. 

A hygienic and luxury outlet for selling fish is our motto, which would be comfortable for the elite customers to choose their own choice of fish.

We deliver the fish orders that we receive from the online and walk-in customers in a ‘ready to cook manner.

How does DawnFish accomplish the above said task?

Under given are the departments DawnFish operates in order to accomplish the task of providing high quality fresh fish to its high profile customers.

Fish Procurement
Fish Preservation
Cleaning & Deveining
Dipatch & Delivery
  1. Fish Procurement 
  2. Transportation
  3. Preservation
  4. Free Cleaning/ Deveining
  5. Free Door Delivery
  1. Counter sale management
  2. Zaka Payment 
  3. Marketing  
  4. Technical wing/ Back office
  5. Customer Care
Back Office
Counter Sale
DApp Wallet Payment


  • To sell high quality sea fish to the whole Kanyakumari district, then the whole states of Tamil Nadu & Kerala.
  • To transform DawnFish into a 100% decentralized community driven project.


Zaka icon Billionaire
  • To establish various divisions of DawnFish, such as fish procurement, preservation, delivery etc, so as to sell high quality sea fish to our customers.
  • To sell Zaka coins in order to mobilize required funds for the expansion the units of DawnFish at various places.

What is the current net worth,the basic infrastructures and the functionaries of DawnFish?

  1. Fish Sale outlet @ Asaripallam, Nagercoil
  2. Having a regular customer base of 100 members and overall strength is 500 appx.
  3. Procurement, preservation, delivery, online & counter sale divisions are established.
  4. Zaka Coins Community member @ 70 (appx.) to support financially
  5. is the  parent organization to guide DawnFish digitally

6. Webbazar is our app and is our website, which are ready to trade the native products of every region.

7. 100 Cr Zaka Coins minted @ ‘proof of stake’ method  through “binance smart chain“, which take forward the projects of DawnFish and Webbazar worldwide

8. DawnFish project is planned and developed in a decentralized manner and it is driven by Bizaka Community Members.


The fish sale expectation from Kanyakumari district


Since the people of the district are very much fond of fish and they consume these dishes once or twice a day, DawnFish project is a successful startup indeed. According to the statistics of DawnFish BMC, the customer segment (regular) of DawnFish is predicted in Nagercoil is 6000 families and in Kanyakumari as a whole is 30000 families.

Hence, the daily fish sale of DawnFish to its premium customers within the  Nagercoil city is calculated as Rs.20 lac per day and Rs.1 Cr per day from the whole district.

How to reach the target? When to reach the target?

As a first move,  DawnFish has worked out a reverse engineering strategy with its primary tools and Zaka Coins. Though the final destination is 30000  customers from the whole district, before that the target is Nagercoil city and its 6000 customers. (However, our present regular customer strength is approximately 90 only. Subsequently, 30 fish sale orders are executed per day, nowadays). The following steps lead us to reach the final target within a year. They are,

  1. Install DawnFish app to the existing customers, which exposes the strength of the customer base and its slow growth.
  2. By this the world watches the increasing count of DawnFish app installation and simultaneously the hike of the customer base. 
  3. But how to make them install the app voluntarily?
  4. To install the app, Bizaka Airdrops 100 Zaka Coins to their respective DApp Wallet.
  5. By such an Airdrop, we can increase the count of the wallet that holds Zaka.

6. Now DawnFish announces to issue ‘offer coins’ @ 10% for the total value of every purchase through the app. Consequently, the coin transaction increases day on day, which reflects in BSC explorer.

7. The next announcement for the customers is that through the new purchase they can redeem their offer coins at the rate of 10% of total purchase value. Also the count of Zaka transactions got hiked again.

8. The final announcement is that every purchase made through Zaka Coins gets a discount at the rate of 10%.

Customer Lead Generation
DawnFish App Instalation
Zaka icon Billionaire
Zaka Offer Coins
DApp Wallet Payment

9. What we have done is that the customers are habituated to make fish orders only via Zaka Coins.

10. Customer base increases because of coin offers, redeem of coins and discount of coins.

11. The hike of app installation declares the growth of the customer base of DawnFish to the whole world.

12. The hike of  Zaka Coins transactions and hikes of wallets that hold Zaka coins highlights the crypto world about the increasing demand of Zaka Coins.


13. The Zaka coins demand increases the price value of Zaka coins in the market, which is one of our main goals.

14. The price hike of Zaka increases the stake value of Zaka community members.

15.  The hike in Zaka Coins value and the subsequent hike of Zaka stakings fetches the required funds to initiate more DawnFish outlets in various places.

16. We are not alone in initiating the business with our own token called Zaka; Tata Neu Coins, Meesho Coins, Rapido Coins, Flipkart Coins, Fresh2Home Coins etc are also emerging at present.

Why and how Zaka Coins help the show?

For comprehension…
Centralized currency, owned and regulated aby governments

The current people are the last generation to see and use fiat or paper currency, everybody knows. Hence every sovereign government is on the verge of converting their own currency into digital currency and it is called the Central Bank Digital currency (CBDC). 

The Digital currency (CBDC) is a centralized currency which is issued, controlled and regulated by any one of the sovereign governments. It acts as the legal tender of the particular government and limited only to its own territory.

But in the case of cryptocurrency it is a decentralized currency but not limited not only to any territory,  but the internet is its ultimate extension. Hence it flows  wherever the business regime extends irrespective of countries and continents.

Decentralized currency, owned by public and regulated by the system

In summary, the sovereign countries will be using their own digital currency (CBDC) for transactions instead of fiat currencies. On the other hand every business institution and other organizations will be using their decentralized currency called cryptocurrency.

Above all, cryptocurrency has got an important advantage, that helps its own business organization. That is nothing but its asset characteristics, the ‘staking’ process of the particular cryptocurrency helps to mobilize the required funds to enlarge and extend the business.


  • Assume that a new project called ‘a modern city’ is proposed by a business group in a particular place. Also you can assume that the  said place consists of many acres of land.
  • The promoters group sells some portion of the land to mobilize the required funds for the project. 
  • Assume that you are buying a small portion of the said property and as like you many others are also buying as per their capacity.
  • The promoters group started their project in the land by constructing schools, colleges, shopping malls etc.
  • It may take a considerable time but simultaneously the value of the land also increases.
  • In the same way, someone lets know that shares are issued for a wonderful business startup and so he buys shares for a very low price. The share value grew in a particular span of time  because the project was successful.
Zaka icon Billionaire
Zaka Billionaires
Zaka icon Billionaire
  • Nowadays, many web-3 start ups started integrating their crypto-tokens with their businesses, not only as a transaction convenience but also to mobilize funds.
  • Those who buy the coins/token considerably in the beginning are called the community members of the coin and they are the most benefited when the project grows.
  • The one who buys huge amounts of coins are called ‘whales’ and who play a vital role in hiking the price of the value and vice versa.
  • However, the community members and the whales need not do anything to the business activities other than harvesting the benefit out of the price hike of the coins.

Zaka Coin and DawnFish Startup Business

Zaka Coins is a token which bears  DawnFish business. A community that consists of 70 (appx.) members who bought Zaka Coins initially and started staking. Subsequently,  Bizaka has initiated DawnFish, an online fish mart which sells high quality fish at Nagercoil.

Bizaka looks for more community members which enhance the business to the next level. The initial price of the Zaka is fixed as Rs.1 only.

“Mini-government is a big word, but it’s a body that is governed in a decentralized manner where users have a say, where there’s oversight and transparency.”

William Mougayar 



Author :Deyennae

Founder Bizaka
 Co-founder WebbazarDawnFish & Zaka Coins 

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