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Launch of DawnFish App.

      Welcome to DawnFish, the Online High Quality & Fresh Fish Mart.  

       We, ourselve are dedicated to bringing the finest selection of high quality seafood from the tri-sea waters of Kanyakumari district directly to your kitchen.  Do enjoy the freshest and tasty seafood without leaving the comfort of your home or workplace and also without spending your valuable time.

       At DawnFish, we realize the importance of fresh, healthy and nutrient food choices, particularly we are here to cater such a quality in the case of seafood. These are the prime reasons why we have established strong relationships with local fishermen of Kanyakumari district fishing harbors. In the same way, we buy Vallam fish (Daily fishing system) and avoid Big Boat fish and imported fish. Particularly, we prefer ‘hook fish‘ of Kadiyapattinam harbor in case of big and costly fish; we buy smaller size ‘Bait fish’ (Mathi  Chalai, Nethili etc) from Seashore Fishing (Karamadi meen).

        Explore our to discover a wide range of fish varieties and specialities that are native to Kanyakumari oceans. From succulent Tuna to tender fleshy Seer fish, from delicious Prawns to mouth watering Lobsters, we have carefully identified a diverse range of options to cater to every taste bud. 

        We prioritize your satisfaction and guarantee that our fish are handled with the utmost care in every step until the fish reach your doorstep. To ensure the declaration, we have established various divisions such as ‘procurement’, ‘transportation‘, ‘preserving‘, ‘cleaning & Deveining‘, ‘ Dispatch & Delivery‘ and Customer Care & Grievance cell with utmost care. We have established the said segments in order to implement stringent quality control measures to ensure that you receive only the finest and highest quality seafood.

            Experience the joy of fetching the ocean’s gift of healthy food delivered right to your doorstep. We are grateful to you for downloading our app and becoming our elite customer. Wish you and your family for a very healthy life with our medicinal valued nutrient seafood.


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