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We at Bizaka, the Business Academy and Blockchain Consortium initiate decentralized startup projects. As many experts, professionals and activists of business and related segments unite at Bizaka to accomplish as many commercial startups. Firstly, we have made a token, Zaka Coins, by which we plan to execute the project called Multiple Businesses under One Roof (MBOR).

The massive transformations in every segment take place only because of the advent of new technologies such as Blockchain and Web-3. And also it happens because of the outcome of Metaverse, NFT and Digital currency / Cryptocurrency .


To capitalize the put through of upcoming technologies such as Blockchain, Web-3, NFT, Metaverse and Cryptocurrency.

Zaka Billionaires
Zaka Billionaires


Zaka Billionaires
  • To establish a Decentralized P2P regional marketplace,which is to market the authentic and native items of the respective region.
  • To create a  Decentralized Freelance Courier Service, by which the products would be conveyed for a radius of 9 KM.
  • To initiate the project of ‘Multiple Business under One Roof ‘ via Zaka Coins.


Primary Goals

  • To promote Zaka Coins and Bizaka NFT.
  • To establish Webbazar, the decentralized P2P e-com portal (DeCo).
  • To promote DawnFish, the decentralized P2P Fresh Sea Fish Mart.
  • To develop Elkartz, the decentralized Door to Door (D2D) freelance courier service (DeCr).
  • To establish Finanza, which is the decentralized finance (DeFi ) division to back the projects of Bizaka.
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Secondary Goals

To analyze and reveal Metaverse, NFT and the related aspects for commercial purposes.

Our Key Projects - a brief report

At present we at Bizaka have two major and two supporting projects. As a matter of fact , the foundation of every project of Bizaka is only Zaka Coins.

A . Major Projects

1. Webbazar

Webbazar is an innovative e-commerce portal for authentic and native products of a particular region. And which functions between the regional sellers and the regional buyers via the local freelance courier agents.

Webbazar billionaires

Cause for Webbazar

Globalization along with liberalization has brought us many advantages but also some disadvantages. The local people are forced to buy their native and local products at an international price. And the intermediaries make use of this opportunity and sell fake and substandard products to even local people. In fact, the producer gets a very lower price and the local customer buys a fake at international price.

  Here at Webbazar, the local products are available to local people at the right price. This is a ‘Door to Door’ transaction between the producer and consumer through a local freelance courier agent. Here, the  Webbazar bridges the seller, buyer and the transporter. That’s all. In brief, Webbazar functions as a local marketplace for local people, but shall be extended worldwide. In a nutshell,  Webbazar is a ‘Global Expansion of Local Trades

Features of Webbazar

Zaka Billionaires
  • Through this one can buy or sell native and authentic items of the particular region.
  • It’s a P2P Online Marketplace designed in such a way that the producer can sell his products to the customers directly.
  • Webbazar encourages direct Door to Door (D2D) sales between the product owner and the consumer.
  • It’s a 100% decentralized online marketplace, which functions without allowing any type of third parties.

2. Elkartz

Elkartz is a decentralized and independent courier agent.  He is not belonging to or a part of any courier company.. Firstly, he picks up the delivery order from Webbazar, an open source P2P marketplace. Secondly, he collects the product from the particular seller and delivers it to the buyer. It is purely a door to door delivery (D2D) system.
  • The one who wants to become a freelance courier agent is to install the “ Elkartz App” from the App store, firstly. 
  • Then he waits for a ‘order notification’ from Webbazar.
  • As and when a buyer makes a purchase order at  Webbazar, the vendor is to accept the order and make the product ready for delivery.
  • The courier agent who gets a ‘delivery order’ is to pick the consignment from the ‘seller’ and deliver it to the buyer.
  • The DApp wallets of the vendor and courier agent receive their payments as Zaka coins thereafter.

B) Supporting Projects


DawnFish is the first vendor of Webbazar. It sells  the authentic fresh sea fishes to the customers at a fair price. In addition the  ‘Cleaned & Deveined’ fishes are freely door delivered.

The Kanyakumari district people are fond of sea fishes. Naturally, here we have a big market for sea fishes and on the other hand a huge vacuum for authentic fishes. In order to fill the gap, DawnFish has emerged as a pilot project of Webbazar. Eventually such an online P2P trading of fresh fishes is doorshiped by Elkartz, our decentralized courier service However, the project begins from Nagercoil and will be soon extended to the whole district.

DawnFish Billionaires

2. Finanza

Finanza is a DeFi system created by Bizaka. Its transaction tool is a cryptocurrency called Zaka Coins. Since 01st June 2022, Finanza provides business loans to Women Self Help Groups via Zaka Coin.

Key partners we look for….

We need community members (at present the count is around 100 only) as many as possible to kick start the project. Because, generally the decentralized projects are driven by the community.

We look for Crypto angels who buy a considerable amount of Zaka Coins, unlike community members. Because, we need to fulfill the requirements of Webbazar, Elkartz, Finanza and other projects initially.

We need more co-founders to magnify the projects of Bizaka by using their own potential.

Zaka icon Billionaire

Regular vendors and part time vendors from their respective places were invited to demo their own products at Webbazar.

Elkartz, our startup project would be enhanced by the freelance courier guys of every nook and corner of the world. Anyone has a smartphone and a bike can join the very first independent courier team.

And also we invite young talents having blockchain startup projects

Where do we stand now?

  • We started Finanza in June 2022, but have yet to become a DeFi project.
  • Finanza provided financial support to 60 plus Women SHG consisting of 500 women for their business developments till now.
  • We have made a token, Zaka Coin, in August 2022 at Binance blockchain.
  • Our Bizaka community  strength is nearing to hundred.
  • Elkartz, the freelance courier was launched on 18th November 2022.
  • Webbazar, the DeCo and P2P marketplace was launche on 18th November 2022.
  • DawnFish, the first vendor of Webbazar and an online P2P Fresh Fish Mart was also launched on 18 November 2022.

The Summary

We would like to conclude the project presentation with a few appendices; i.e., List of Bizaka’s Community Members, List of Zaka’s Crypto Angels and List of Finanza’s beneficiary Self Help Groups. Obviously, the above lists stand as testimonies of our firm steps we took to reach our determined goal. 

In conclusion, dear patron, you are wellaware where we stand at present. Considering that understanding we would like to put a few questions in front of you. They are;

  • Where do we stand at present?
  • What do we need at this stage?
  • What can you do for the project?
  • And, Are you interested in joining us?