DawnFish is a startup business venture of Webbazar; which plans to establish DawnFish as an improvised pattern of fish sale. For instance, we focus on the quality of the fish we sell firstly; secondly,  we pay higher preference to the environments where we handle fish;  thirdly,  we concentrate on satisfying the every expectation of our elite customer base. Most importantly, DawnFish has started functioning as the first sale product of Webbazar Delivery App..

DawnFish procure only fresh and high quality fish directly from every fishing harbors of Kanyakumari district.
An appropriate and hygienic  warehouse would be chosen to store, clean, cut and dispatch the procured fish to our elite customers of the particular area.
We deliver the fish orders that we receive from our customers through Webbazar app in a ‘ready to cook’ manner.

The purpose of DawnFish

The Kanyakumari district people are fond of sea fish. Naturally, here we have a big market for sea fishes. On the other hand many challenges are there for the consumers to buy authentic fishes. In order to fill the gap, DawnFish has emerged as a pilot project of Webbazar. However, the project begins from Nagercoil and will be soon extended to the whole district.

Core values of DawnFish

  • We sell high quality sea fish
  • Sale of daily catch fresh fish
  • Free door delivery
  • ‘Cleaned & Deveined’ for free