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Elkartz is a decentralized and independent courier agent.  He is not belonging to or a part of any courier company. Firstly, he picks up the delivery order from Webbazar, an open source P2P marketplace. Secondly, he collects the product from the particular seller and delivers it to the buyer. It is purely a door to door delivery (D2D) system.

In this case, both the points, the ‘pickup points’ and the ‘drop points’ are closer to the courier agent, which is approximately 9 KM radius. For the most part, it is like an ‘OLA’ driver gets a travel order from OLA but the passenger who claims a travel is at the driver’s place or closer.

The steps and functions of Elkartz

  • The one who wants to become a freelance courier agent is to install the App from the App store, firstly. 
  • Then he waits for a ‘order notification’ from Webbazar, the decentralized P2P marketplace.
  • As and when a buyer initiated a purchase order at a vendor of  Webbazar e- commerce portal….,
  • The seller accepts the order and makes the product ready for delivery.
  • The courier agent who gets a ‘delivery order’ picks the consignment from the ‘seller’ and delivers it to the buyer.
  • The DApp wallets ( Metamask/ Token pocket/ Trust wallet) of the seller and courier agent receive their respective payments as Zaka coins instantly.