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1. What is Bizaka?

Bizaka is a Business Academy and Blockchain Consortium, which initiates decentralized projects with the integration of its own token called Zaka Coins. 

2. What is the purpose of Bizaka?

This is the time of technological transformation, from Web-II to Web-III, also called Blockchain technology. As such, many of the present companies and startups are on the verge of adapting to the new technology.

Meanwhile, Bizaka has made its entrance to the new technology with its primary need of its own cryptocurrency in the name of Zaka Coins.

Furthermore, Bizaka is one inch ahead from other Indian business tycoons by integrating Zaka Coins with the incredible business startups, such as  Webbazar and DawnFish.

3. What is Zaka?

Zaka Coins is a crypto-token of Bizaka created for the  transaction purposes of its own business startups. For instance, Webbazar and DawnFish like business startups started by Bizaka with Zaka integration and they are on their strong move, at present.

4. What is Webbazar?

Webbazar is an innovative e-commerce P2P marketplace to trade the authentic and native products of any particular region. Because of the difficulties developed for the consumers to get an authentic product, Bizaka had planned to initiate a startup. That is Webbazar, a community driven decentralized project. Specifically, it functions between the product owner and the end user directly with the help of a freelance courier agent.However, it needs a token for value transactions between the participants and which is Zaka Coins.

5. What is the purpose for Webbazar?

Globalization along with liberalization has brought us many advantages but also some disadvantages. The local people are forced to buy their native and local products at an international price. And the intermediaries make use of this opportunity and sell fake and substandard products to even local people. In fact, the producer gets a very lower price and the local customer buys a fake at international price.

Here at Webbazar, the local products are available to local people at the right price. This is a ‘Door to Door’ transaction between the producer and consumer through a local freelance courier agent. Here, the  Webbazar bridges the seller, buyer and the transporter. That's all. In brief, Webbazar functions as a local marketplace for local people, but shall be extended worldwide. In a nutshell,  Webbazar is a ‘Global Expansion of Local Trades'

6. What is DawnFish?

DawnFish is an Online Fish mart that sells high quality fresh sea fish to its elite customer base.

7. What are the features of DawnFish?

Firstly, DawnFish focuses on the quality of the fish; secondly,  we pay higher preference to the cleanliness of the environments wherever the fish are handled;  thirdly,  we concentrate on satisfying all the expectations of our elite customer base.

8. What are the qualities of fish maintained by DawnFish?
  • DawnFish procures only fresh and high quality fish directly from every fishing harbor of Kanyakumari district.
  • A hygienic and luxury outlet for selling fish is our motto, which would be comfortable for the elite customers to choose their own choice of fish.
  • We deliver the fish orders that we receive from the online and walk-in customers in a ‘ready to cook’ manner.
9. How does the DawnFish maintain the quality of fish?

It starts right from the procurement of the fish and ends with the door delivery of the fish as 'ready to cook' stage. Besides, it is undertaken through our various divisions such as transportation, preservation, cleaning, deveining, dispatching etc. The above departments are initiated to function in a world class.


10. Where is DawnFish functions at present?

It functions from Nagercoil city of Kanyakumari district at present. The people of Kanyakumari eat fish Monday to Saturday and on Sunday they eat meat. Yes, of course Kanyakumarians are almost non-vegetarian or fish eaters for the whole week. Hence it is very clear that Kanyakumari is a prime market for fish. Therefore, we have planned to extend the fish sale for the whole district.

11. What are the future plans of DawnFish?

DawnFish's sale of fish is to be expanded to the whole Kanyakumari district with the sale by online and through sales outlets.

And then which will be extended to the whole of Kerala and Tamil Nadu states.

12. What is the purpose of Zaka Coin?

We have been heading towards decentralization because of current technological advancement and because of the problems and difficulties in centralized governance and commerce. Such a concept of decentralization needs a technology called blockchain and also needs a virtual currency called cryptocurrency for value transactions.

Bizaka is one inch ahead from other Indian business tycoons by integrating Zaka Coins with the incredible business startups, such as  Webbazar and DawnFish.

13. What are the roles of Zaka Coins with DawnFish?

As we know that cryptocurrencies act as a tool or mode of transactions in every sector with the next generation technology such as Web-III and Blockchain. And DawnFish has integrated Zaka Coins for its own transaction purposes. Since the supply of the coins is limited, the price of the Zaka Coins increases as and when fish sales increase. Such a price hike benefits the 'Community Members' of Zaka Coins.

14. What is a Community Member?

Community members of a particular cryptocurrency are the initial buyers or investors of the coin. They buy the coins from the source well before the coin is listed in a recognized coin exchange. On the other hand, the price of the coins also get hiked manyfold when the projects where the coins are integrated get success. The example for the project is Dawnfish and the integrated coin is Zaka Coins.

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