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At Webbazar, the regional authentic products are available to the regional people at the right price. This is a ‘Door to Door’ transaction between the producer and consumer through an independent courier partner. Here, the Webbazar bridges the seller, buyer and the transporter. That’s all. In brief, Webbazar functions as a regional marketplace of the native and authentic products and is also termed as ‘Global Expansion of Local Trades‘. In short, Webbazar is nothing but ‘Making the region as a Global’

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Features of Webbazar

  • Webbazar is a decentralized portal without a central authority to boss over; it’s like an open source for the vendors.
  • It is an online marketplace for local products. Here the local vendor sells their native products to the local customers at the right price.


  • Product manufacturers can become full-time or part-time vendors and sell products from their own houses.
  • Since there are no middlemen or mediation entities, you can buy or sell at the best price.

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