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Zaka Coin

At present, we have been heading towards decentralization because of technological advancement  and the problems and difficulties in centralized governance and commerce. Such a concept of decentralization needs a technology called blockchain and also needs a virtual currency called cryptocurrency for value transactions.

Bizaka is one inch ahead from other Indian business tycoons by integrating Zaka Coins with the incredible business startups, such as  Webbazar and DawnFish.

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"Money manipulation is the root of all evil, you can manipulate fiat but you can’t manipulate bitcoin.”
"It gives real freedom to every citizen of every country; such freedom is termed as Bitcoin Freedom"


Every nation will be using their own Digital Currency  as their legal tender and at the same time business industries use their own Cryptocurrencies for every aspect of business transactions.

The digital currencies are centralized in nature and cryptocurrencies are decentralized, mostly.

Cryptocurrencies belong to neither private nor government, but belong to the public.

To summarize, cryptocurrency is just an alternative economy and ideally people should be able to exchange information, finance, goods etc through this alternative economy if they so choose.


Zaka coins and its uses

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Zaka coin acts as a digital asset for those who buy and hold it for a long span of time.

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Presently,  Finanza, our DeFi division uses Zaka Coin for its transaction purposes.

Webbazar, the decentralized P2P marketplace uses Zaka as transaction tool.


The integration of Zaka coin with more  blockchain projects are underway.

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