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This is what the brand new world technology for another 30 to 50 years. Just imagine the wonders that had happened when internet technology came into existence. The mass conversion took place in day to day activities of business, administration, governance, bureaucracy and other transactions. Now, yet again a mass technological transformation is taking place with this blockchain technology.

  1. Blockchain : an introduction
  2. Cryptocurrency : an introduction
  3. Types of Blockchain
  4. Differences and relations between Internet and blockchain
  5. The connectivity between blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  6. Cryptocurrency, Utility token &  Meme token and its utilization
  7. Tokenomics
  8. Cryptocurrency analysis
  9. Bitcoin and its history
  10. Blockchain networks
  11. Mining : an introduction
  12. Components of blockchain technology network
  13. Features and characteristics of blockchain technology
  14. What are the advantages of blockchain technology for businesses?
  15. Components of blockchain ecosystem
  16. Distributed ledger technology
  17. Cryptocurrency transactions
  18. ICO. IDO, IEO and Cryptocurrency exchanges & Trading process
  19. Kinds of wallets and securities
  20. What is a smart contract?
  21. Introduction to Web-3
  22. NFT and Metaverse
  23. Blockchain development languages and solidity
  24. Blockchain business application