White Paper

White Paper


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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology is helping every industry around the world to transform their business into the next level. This technology is revolutionizing the supply chain, food distribution, financial services, governance, retail and more. The integral part of the Blockchain technology called  Cryptocurrency analyzes the transaction prospects of  payments beyond borders, which is called decentralized finance (‘DeFi’)).

Zaka Coin

Briefly, blockchain improvises the current technology. On the other hand, cryptocurrency is introduced to replace fiat currency. Hence every nation is on the verge of introducing their digital currency in place of their own fiat currency. And as predicted every business giant is on their way to introduce their transaction tool in the name of cryptocurrency.

Webbazar & DawnFish

Therefore, Bizaka began a ‘blockchain business platform’ to initiate multiple decentralized business ‘startups’. And also plans to integrate its own cryptocurrency, Zaka coins with every startup project of Bizaka. Bizaka chooses a 100% decentralized e-commerce marketplace as its pilot project, namely Webbazar.  DawnFish, the high quality fresh sea fish mart is its first vendor.

Research Report

A. Cryptocurrency

When the world’s first decentralized currency, Bitcoin, was launched in 2009, cryptocurrencies were born. By way of cryptocurrency any sort of transactions, from fiat money to gold, can be undertaken. They claim to be able to skip typical banking fees and wait times.

Briefly, every nation will be using their own Digital currency and at the same time business industries use their own cryptocurrencies. The digital currencies are centralized in nature and cryptocurrencies are decentralized, mostly. Cryptocurrencies belong to neither private nor government but belong to the global public.

To summarize, cryptocurrency is just an alternative economy and ideally people should be able to exchange information, finance, goods etc through this alternative economy if they so choose

B. Technological Evolution Vs Business Transformation

Firstly, Henry ford emerged as the world number one richest person due to the industrial revolution and the mechanical inventions such as machines and engines. Henry Ford had chosen the car industry and captured the market. Likewise, bill Gates became the richest when computers were invented.

Henry Ford

Bill Gates

Jeff Bezos

But, undoubtedly blockchain technology has started its era of ruling the world at present. In comparison with the previous technologies including IT, the blockchain protocol is far better and appropriate. The characteristics of blockchain such as decentralization, dis-inter mediation, smart contract, distributed ledger, immutability, transparency and security overcome every limitation and constraints of previous technologies.

To summarize, we would like to declare that anyone can conquer the business world by using blockchain as like Henry Ford, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos did earlier. As we expected the ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Binance exchange founder Chanpeng Zhao, Tron founder Justin Sun, Sandeep Naiwal of Polygon, Meta Kovan of MetaPurse etc have already entered this industry and are progressing at lightning speed. 

Our Vision

  1. To establish ‘Global expansion of local trades’ via Webbazar, the decentralized marketplace

  1. To begin multiple business projects by using Zaka Coins as a transaction medium.

Our Mission

  • To establish a Decentralized Marketplace called Webbazar so as to trade Local and Native products between local people

  • TTo promote DawnFish and other local vendors to trade their authentic products at Webbazar through Zaka Coins.

Our Core Values

  • Absolute business transformation.
  • Inspire innovation.
  • Technology is the asset.
  • Thinking beyond limitations.
  • Economical and cost effective.
  • Proactive projects.

  • Nullifies the power centers.
  • Relieves third parties.
  • Immune from governments.
  • Passive participation
  • Zero time delay
  • 100% error free


The ecosystem of ZAKA Coins is very vast and broader. Because, it provides a payment gateway to the people where they can enjoy vast services and ease of transferring funds.

One of the projects of Bizaka, webbazar uses Zaka Coins for her transactions so as to popularize the Zaka.

The prime project of Bizaka and the pilot vendor of webbazar called DawnFish uses Zaka to show an example to other vendors of webbazar.

Staking on Zaka Coins

  • Profitable
  • Growing Investment Asset
  • Highly secure and privacy
  • Best for long term holding
  • Multi-functional asset class

The road map of Zaka Coins and our startup

Year 2019-20

Quadrant III & Quadrant IV

Conceptualization of the protocol and of concept research

Year 2020-21
Quadrant I – Quadrant IV
Finalization of concept and start of concept development

Year 2021-22
Quadrant I & Quadrant II
Release of process sheet of the coin – Zaka Coins

Year 2021-22
Quadrant III & Quadrant IV
Release of the investment raising protocol by coin sale

Year 2022-23
I Quadrant – April to June
Pre-launch – Zaka
Launch – Zaka

Year 2022-23
II Quadrant – July to September
Launch – Finanza
Pre-lauch – Webbazar

Year 2022-23
III Quadrant – October to December
Launch – DawnFish / Online Fish sale

Year 2022-23
IV Quadrant – January to March
Launch – DawnFish / Fish counter sale

Year 2023-24
I Quadrant – April to June
Launch – Webbazar, Decentralized marketplace

Year 2023-24
II Quadrant – July to September
Launch – DawnFish App.

Year 2023-24
III Quadrant – October to December
Listing – Zaka Coins
Expansion – DawnFish

Year 2023-24
IV Quadrant – January to March
Coin promotion – Global
Vendor addition – Webbazar

Coin Details

The SymbolZKA
Total supply100 Crore

Coin Distribution

Presale17.76 %
Marketing/ Misc2.24 %
Promotion5 %
Partners & Ecosystem20 %
Public Sale40 %
Commission15 %

Allocation Details

Total presale coins17,76,00,000 @ 17.76 %
Instant Marketing Rewards12,00,00,000 x 10%1,20,00,000
Installment Marketing Rewards5,76,00,000 x 10 %57,60,000
Total Marketing Rewards2,24,00,000
Total presale count20,00,00,000

Conclusion : White Paper of Zaka

ZAKA Coin is a trustworthy token built on Binance blockchain protocol. Our platform is a blockchain-based virtual company network, where we make the procedure for our clients as quick and simple as possible. Besides, we offer investors a variety of business options, each of which is the greatest and most unique approach to earn a high rate of return from their staking.  Very importantly, the ZAKA currency has the advantage of increasing its value over time with its ‘multiple projects under one roof’ strategy. However, it has a lesser risk ratio of failure. To conclude, we would like to emphasize that our top concern is to safeguard our clients’ investments with the help of various startup projects.